Feb 23, 2009


I'll not going to write for any popular games in the future (maybe just 1 or 2) because of getting pressure from the readers who give bad comments. Well, I accept all of them, because I am a bad English writter.

So, my FAQ in the future will be more on the Japanese title that will be requested by most players, and revision for some old games that I had but never get it done until now.




Berserker said...

Whenever you write for a popular game, you're always going to get bad comments eventually. One of the few emails that I have received for my RE5 demo guide was basically an attempt at a flame email.

If you want to, go on the Xbox 360 and PS3 RE5 boards and type in "FAQ" in the search engine to find some users mocking my RE5 demo guide.

With a game like Devil May Cry, I'm always worried about user comments, since I know myself that there are plenty of people better than me at the game. Some videos on youtube completely blow my strategies out of the water.

Regardless of what game you write for, you just have to give it your best and don't let any negative comments get you down from continuing with further guides because they'll always show up in your inbox eventually.

Why does a bad English write have a starred Castlevania FAQ on GameFAQs? :)

Berserker said...

*bad English writer have

See, not even English speakers are perfect.

ỵộšhï said...

dont give up...your FAQ & walkthrough rocks...i always look for your FAQ whenever i face a problem i cant solve...^^

Anonymous said...

hey, don't be dis-heartened. No matter how good a FAQ is, there are bound to be people that give negative comments for the sake of being a jerk. Just try to ignore them. I like your FAQs. Keep up the good work.

sephirosuy said...

I appreciate the support from all of you, really, I feel much moved as I know people like my works... anyway, need some time to rest or so, I try to get back into my FAQ mood rushlessly :)

*Love all my supporters

Dantess said...

I understand your feelings.
You're doing it for nothing just for helping others, and some of them insult you work.
They do nothing for the community so if they do not like the work you are doing they just have to get lost and go on IGN or some others website.
You are doing great job and i appreciate your works for japanese games especially for some RPGs.
So thank you.
And take all the time you want.
the things that do not kill you make you stronger!!

sephirosuy said...


Catweazle said...

Thank you so much for your work. I cannot count the times I have used your FAQ's...I often wonder if I could complete the games without them. For each person who insults a FAQ, there are 100 people who love them. I have literally been using your FAQ's for years! Never stop! Besides, some people have been speaking English since they were born and still can't get it ;)

Dantess said...

You helped us in the past. So now it's our turn to help you.
We will help you to regain your Faqojo (contraction for FAQS and MOJO).You can ask anything.
The community is behind you!!
In a way, it's Sephirosuy's Community.
Happy to help

sephirosuy said...

Thanks Catweazle, I appreciate it :)

Hi Dantess, interesting to what you said, but I have no idea what is it lol? Anyway, whatever it is would be a great impetus for me... Btw sorry for my late reply because I can't read all the message from you guys everyday :)

Anonymous said...

Its a shame, I've always found your FAQs helpful and your English perfectly understandable.

Castor said...

I'm actually not a fan of your FAQs (there's usually a better one sooner or later), but I appreciate and respect how you are always writing FAQs for the newest games at an incredible speed. If anyone deserves support for writing FAQs/walkthroughs, I would say it is you. That said, while I would be disappointed if you really stopped writing FAQs for popular games, I would nonetheless be eager to see any new projects.

deer said...

Please dont' get upset by those irresponsible ill-meaning comments. It's always easier commenting than creating, I search the web all ff-series game guides and your version of FFXII is my favorite and the attitude with which you made the guide happen was none other than sincerity and a spirit of selfless sharing. Do what you like and don't get hindered by others' so-called comments, 'cuz you do it for the likes of us true game fans and they would never spit on your efforts than give help and support for you to make your guides better.

Archangel Alden said...

There will always be something, someone better somewhere somewhen. It's a fact of life that everything and anything can change and evolve.

People just generally take things for granted. They expect that there will be a FAQ online for them to view, they expect that they can find the answers they are looking for without any particular form of research. They don't want to think for themselves, and thus they look online for easy solutions.

There's nothing wrong with that, there are people who want answers to their problems. Fair enough, but the fact that they take it for granted, not realising the answers they are seeking are actually contributed by others somewhere in the world.

If you decide to stop FAQ-ing just because of some bad comments, I want to really ask, do you do your FAQs just so people can praise you and shower you with appreciation? If that is the primary reason you're making FAQs, then you really should stop.

But I have seen you work, your dedication to your FAQs, and I must say you put a lot of time, effort and heart into what you are writing. I am no English expert, English is not even my first language but I can see that you try your best with your English. And what more can anyone else ask of you? You've tried your best and that's what matters.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog, I haven't been here long, but I can already see you have a small community of loyal fans here who might not post comments, but look forward to updated information from you.

If you like you can have another person look through your content and re-phrase your English, or whatever. But really, unless it totally doesn't make sense, why would you want that? That'll take away all that uniqueness from your writing. We read it because it came from you, not someone rephrasing what you write.

So keep doing what you like, and life is life. There's only the path you choose to walk yourself. Don't be discouraged by the minority of umm, strange? people in the world. Know that for every one bad comment someone makes to you, there will be 3 comments that will contain praises and encouragement.

That's all I wanted to say, it is a bit of a late reply, but I hope it's okay.

Thanks. ^^

Anonymous said...

Truly i hate your english in your guides

However it is understandable and is much much better then no guide at all so i appreciate it

If you take time out of your day to write guides for these people then they shouldn't complain because most of them probably dont write any them selves anyway

I hope you keep writing but if you dont o well i guess its your choice in the end but im sure a lot of gammers will suffer and those are the ones that truly appreciate your work

Anonymous said...

dude you are awesome. don't worry about the haters

water-dragon-head said...

Personally I find ur faqs & listing of the stuffs like equipment n jewels are very complete & most of all neat!

Not many in fact so far none that I've come across had such a well-listed table like urs with each of them listed as a linkpage on the left for FFCCEOT, KEEP IT UP! (& I mean up!)

As for those who made comments on ur faqs on the walkthrus or watever crabs they wanna fart, y bother?
Shld they find ur faq not good, they shld fish off & not u stop writing bcos of some lost nemo.

Anyway keep ur faqs up but ultimately keep ur FFCCEOT up!
Thanks! =P

kesadisan a.k.a Akari Ichinose said...

hey man, you can take up your time :D
But don't forget about Sequel of Nanashi no Game walkthrough yes? :D

And who say your english are bad?
I can understand every word you type :D

PS: I am very bad english speaker too :p